Sharing the love: Genetic fam meets Jake and Luke

I love how loved my babies are.

Not only are we crazy about them, but their genetic family seems to be pretty keen on them too.

Here are some pics from this past Saturday, when over hot dogs, hamburgers, and homemade ice cream we shared our precious boys with the man and woman who literally gave them to us.

The whole gang! Genetic fam: Angie and Josh, with their children, Colton, Jenna, and Nolan; Our fam: Me (Whitney) and Mix, with our children, Jake, Luke, and Colt (please ignore the spit-up on our shoulders lol!)
Angie with Jake
Josh playing with Luke
Angie with Luke
The big kids had a blast swimming in my husband’s parents’ pool! A special thanks to Nana and Pawpaw for all of the hard work you put into hosting and cooking for this special get-together! (My parents—G-dad and Gigi—came as well to meet Jake and Luke’s genetic fam. My dad stayed busy throwing toys up in the air for Nolan and Jenna to catch mid-jump)
Colt and Colton had a blast together. They are about two years apart in age. Here they are showing off their torpedos. Colt also enjoyed playing with his “snorter” (snorkel) haha

After swimming, we invited Josh, Angie, and the kids back to our house so they could see where Luke and Jake spend their days. They took a “tour,” snagged a few more hugs and kisses, and we said our goodbyes.

Twins holding twins!

It wasn’t awkward. It wasn’t threatening. It was beautiful. This family has been nothing but supportive of us, and we are so thankful.

To God be the glory!

— Whitney

P.S. Angie commented to me about how much has changed from the day they found out they had 17 embryos — they cried and felt overwhelmed, not knowing what they would do with all of these little lives that they were suddenly responsible for — to the joy of this day, meeting Jake and Luke, and seeing how God’s plan has unfolded so beautifully/the love our entire family has for our sweet babies. She tells me often how thankful they are to be a part of our story. Josh and Angie’s parents have reached out to us as well with sweet words of love, encouragement, and support, affirming that they know we are the family that God forever had planned for Jake and Luke to be a part of. 


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