Plan B

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance your plans haven’t gone as expected when it comes to having children. Ours certainly didn’t. As you’ll learn if you read some of my earlier blog posts, my husband and I came to embryo adoption after finding out with the birth of our eldest son that we […]

Jake and Luke’s “real” family

Not too long ago during dinner I told my five-year-old bio son that the next day we were going to visit the family through whom God gave us Jake and Luke.

“Oh, you mean Jake and Luke’s ‘real’ family?” he said, innocently.

Blessings for the bleating heart

My three children are very needy. The focus of this post is not to complain about them (they are a joy), but instead, to confess something about myself: Between working a full-time job from home, breastfeeding, changing poopy diapers/sheets/clothes, getting everyone dressed (except myself), making pb&js, doing laundry, giving baths (occasionally), making dinner, and picking […]